Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World

Visible stamps his unique, inspired and seemingly effortless style within the pages of 'Spiritual Survival' - providing a clear guide which will enable every seeker of truth and spirit to not simply navigate the spiritual path, but to thrive upon it during our extra-ordinary transit.

Written in the magical manner of 'following the stones' to reach home, every seeker of and follower of spirit and truth will benefit from pondering Visible's thoughts encapsulated in this Modern Spiritual Guide.


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Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World

An Exploration Toward the Ineffable


Greetings to all of you who hold this book in your hand, I hope it will prove a timely acquisition in these trying times of the transition to a higher dimension of consciousness and being. The casual reader may not know how truly critical these times are. I assure you they are spiritually critical in ways that seldom come around in a collective sense and your making the most of them is the difference between unparalleled success and abysmal, long echoing failure. A period such as the one we are in comes around only every 26,000 years and this one is unique even among such cosmic moments.

This book is in no sense a complete guide. It is an indicator of directions and disciplines that can be taken and put into practice. Doing so will make your pathway much easier than it might be and reward you more than such disciplines and directions would ordinarily do at any other time.

What I have to tell you here are points of inspiration that I have received from those wiser than myself. I am, like you, only a work in progress but the progress possible at this time is significant beyond the usual measurements of ordinary times. Take what you find useful here and apply it. Make both yourself and me happy (grin). I will be in your debt to the extent that you are improved by any of this because we are all interdependent upon one another and anyone's success in the transition exalts us all.

In this life I have personally shown great inconsistency of effort and focus. One thing I have done is been relentless in the follow-up of my setbacks, regarding shortcomings and the unpredictable impact of life upon our chosen course. If you don't give up you cannot fail and you will grow stronger with every falling moment from which you rise again to the great task that faces all of us, regardless of what we may think we are up to or what we may in any moment desire for ourselves and our loved ones independent of what is actually best for and most important to us. If I can see daylight flickering within me, you can too. My sincere hopes and good wishes go out to you all.

Les Visible

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This book is dedicated to Susanne who has been my rock and unflinching support through times of trial and moments of personal weakness. I owe her more than I can say or even know. I do not know how I might thank her for her support of and belief in me but I will spend our time together trying, now and after I have become less visible.

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My gratitude to Karyn and to Amarynth who has been a driving force in the bringing forth of all things 'visible'.

My gratitude also extends to Erik, Nina, Dave and a number of community members who donated art or acted as proof readers and to the many readers of the various blogs whose input has both instructed and encouraged me.

Thank you so very, very much.

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Chapter One

"Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World"

Franz Marc, Small Mythical Creatures

I suppose there are ways of looking at life that might need to be discussed prior to getting a fix on the title. For instance, there are those that maintain that everything is singular and spiritual. I suppose those would fall into the Advaita category. Then there are those who say that there are spiritual and material worlds of a dual existence and that would be Dvaita. I think if I were to define the difference between spiritual and material, I would simply say, “flesh and not flesh.” It seems that most of the sins or crimes that all of the holy books talk about, are acts of flesh against spirit. Most, if not all of these sins or crimes are motivated by desires of the flesh, acting out against dictates of the spirit. You could also say that spiritual is permanent and material is temporary.

According to all of the holy books, they say, one way or another that sin, or crimes against spirit, causes the spiritual being to go to less pleasant spiritual places, once material life ends and for the ones that accept reincarnation as being true (it is), must also return to unpleasant places here, as a result of past behaviors. The reverse is true as well. One might speculate whether sin is simply a crime in the mind that is defined so by intent; meaning that sin is not always sin but thinking makes it so. I'm not going to tell you anything in terms of hard and fast or slow and immutable laws being absolute or... that this way is the right way and all other ways are the wrong way. People who know these kinds of things have the luxury of being convinced about what they believe, concerning spiritual and temporal (or material, if you want to call it that) strictures, laws and rules of conduct. I don't have that luxury because I honestly don't know.

What gives me the right to author a book such as this, keeping in mind that I may or may not actually be the author?

I have been around awhile and I have been through some very difficult moments. The odds say that I should not even be here now but I am. I am in very good shape, physically, emotionally and mentally, given what I've experienced and given that I have consumed massive amounts of psychotropic drugs and everything else you can think of. There are not many people around who would be in this kind of shape given the back story.

I am where I am because I am the beneficiary of certain spiritual protections and I have invisible friends. It could be that we all do but only a few of us are actually in contact with then. I am guided and protected at all times. This is something I know and it is my desire to make a similar state available to whoever reads this book.

I am not going to tell you to play by the rules and try to fit in. I am not going to recommend you go to some church and abide by the moral standards of your community. I am not going to tell you one thing is evil and another good because those terms are relative and much that is considered evil is actually good unrecognized and much that is called good is anything but. What I am going to do is ramble about in your mind and try to arrange the furniture in certain ways so that you can get the feel for different states of being; different environments one can exist in and so on and so forth. I am going to tell you what certain things have done for me and you can judge by reason and experience whether such things might work for you.

I want you to listen for a ringing sound. It may not be audible in the same way that ordinary sound is. It is the sound of authenticity and we have all experienced it a time or two under all sorts of circumstances. I want you to see if you can hear that ring when you read this book and I want you to give serious consideration to what you are reading, specifically, when you hear such a ringing because that specific paragraph, sentence, page, or whatever it's particular length is, might have an important connection to you personally. Not everything you read here is going to apply to you. You may not need all of it. You might only need a sentence, a paragraph or a page. If you find that passage and you hear that ring, stop where you are and reflect. It could make all the difference.

There is one thing that I personally want you to connect to and comprehend and that is that there are only a few really important things or conditions that make all the difference. A spiritual life may have many components but there are only a few that are of absolute importance and the cornerstone, bedrock or centerpiece of an evolving spiritual condition. Here are the things I have found to be of critical importance; possessing the qualities of the divine, practicing the presence of the divine and unshakeable consistency of purpose and right intention.

Some might ask; what about faith and charity? What about compassion and all the rest of the virtues? Those are some of the qualities of the divine. They are all part of the package. You see, the point and purpose is for you to become like God. To do this, you must first realize and viscerally accept that you are a child of the divine. What does a child of the divine grow up to be? Consistent practice of the presence of the divine leads to the budding of the qualities of the divine. As the divine enters into you and comes alive, in a certain sense, you become like the divine and the qualities of the divine become a part of you.

Most seekers and religious pundits make a big deal out of knowledge. Knowledge has its place but it is of no value whatsoever outside of the mind of the true knower. What this means is that most knowledge is colored by your identification with your false self, the personality. It becomes an extension of the game theory of the personality and ceases to be what it essentially is. Those possessing a true objective reasoning capacity know what I am talking about here.

The spiritual path is brimming with several things.

One of them is an effulgent and conscious light. Another is the attendant false light (both contain and operate representative guiding and misguiding entities), often mistaken for the true and conscious light and finally, traps and tests. How can you manage to pass around the traps and through the tests, unless you are in the care of the one who knows the way? Spiritual arrogance has been the downfall of many souls more advanced than you or I. You are never too high to fall. This is why you must remember to stay small and to practice surrender. You cannot surrender without permission. This is another mistake seekers make. They think they can surrender on their own, as if their progress rested upon their own abilities. It does not. You don't have any. All of your abilities are borrowed from one of two sources, which are two faces of the same eternal being. Besides the qualities of the divine are the shadow qualities of the other side. You must free yourself of these.

There are several things that every seeker must recognize and they are the reason that the true path has so few travelers upon it. First off, it is demanding work. It takes everything you have. You must forget that there is any other life because there is not. Whatever may come to you as another life, in the development of your movement on the path, has to do with duties. You may be sure that all of these are pleasurable and satisfying once you have visceral understanding of their meaning. We seek glamour in our duties, without possessing the talents for those particular duties. We need to understand that whatever our role may be as we progress, it is the best place for us and do understand that every secret desire in your heart was placed there by the divine. Desire is the agent of God's will. Do not fret about whether you will get to do that which you believe to be your heart's desire. That is a given but it is always a case of having to crawl before you can walk.

The presence of the divine makes one humble.

It makes one grateful. It makes one sane and safe. Do not allow the resistant intelligence of the false self to whisper in your ear. Empty yourself of everything but the presence of the divine. If you feel empty and pointless because you can no longer entertain all of the colorful aspects of your false self in this false world, do not despair. That state is like a vacuum calling the divine into presence. Nature, the active and external face of the divine, abhors a vacuum. Everything is under control and everything is perfect. If you cannot see this then that is a part of you that must go. Don't hold on to the source of your pain. That is all some form of attachment. When attachment is gone, so is the pain. Become attached to the divine, recognize that you are attached. You would have no life otherwise.


A human birth is a remarkable thing and a rare thing. Make the most of it. You cannot achieve except in the embodied state. That is why we always return, whatever we think our reasons are. There are some rare exceptions to this and I will mention them as we go but regardless, you must do it here. Keep in mind that heaven begins where your feet touch the earth. Interested? Then let us be on our way.

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Chapter Two

'Shockwave' by Dave Reed

Yes, you will be co-authors of this book with me because your input at the blogs is going to determine some of the things that get talked about.

In some cases, it is also likely that something you send me, if it fits with the overall scheme and intention of this work, will find its way into the book as well with all appropriate attributions.

What we want to do is to locate the principles and disciplines necessary to give anyone who desires it, a leg up in their effort to be independent of the traps that surround us and to come deeper into the light that also surrounds us and is predisposed to fill us as well.

This brings me to one of the most critical points of the entire matter and one which many will wrestle with here and may cause them to discard whatever I say as a result of it and that is why you should pay careful attention to the way in which this is worded. I speak of actual truth as opposed to literal truth and it is not uncommon for the one to contradict the other. God is a serpent. Ponder this as you go and consider everything spoken of in all religions in respect of the serpent.

I will devote an entire chapter to this. So much of life is devoted to this; the architecture, the art, the lifestyles and so much more has come about because of humanities faith in a divine being or rejection of the same. Much good has come and much evil too and this is something that has become a stumbling block for many who see religion as (what it is) a business. Some people cannot accept the existence of a God because of the conditions that exist on Earth. “If God is all powerful then why does he/she allow this?” Good question.

I enter upon this subject with trepidation and I must use great care. The idea that I could cover any length of ground in a single chapter is ludicrous, when millions of pages have been written on this; contradicting each other, provoking war upon each other and, over the long course of time, changing in presentation like a sidewinder moving across the desert sand. It's appropriate that I mentioned a snake and we will address that as we go along. One image I would like to leave you with now is that which is presented in Hindu posters and if you've never seen one then Google “Shiva” or “Vishnu” or “Brahma and get yourself a graphic and look for the serpent(s), especially one that shows serpents over the head of the deity as a hood... a cobra hood... a brotherhood... just remember things said as we go. Keep in mind the serpent in the garden as well. This is the key element to understanding what is going on; always going on.

One can assume that in Heaven and in Hell (if they exist), conditions are opposite of each other. One can assume that bliss is predominant in the one and suffering in the other. One might postulate that both of these are states of mind and if you are inclined toward Buddhism you have heard that everything is mind. I'd like to point out again that Heaven, if it exists, begins where your feet touch the Earth. I'd also like to suggest that you don't go anywhere when you die except right where you are (so you need to get there while you are here) and we are going to bring some physics into it now.

Metaphysics and Physics

I'd like to say that metaphysics becomes physics once science (or philosophy) has been able to capture it into understanding, just as lightning captured becomes electricity. No one knows what electricity is but we can use it to our great benefit. I suggest that God is the same thing and that the same applies. The more you understand something the better you are able to use it. So I want you to think in terms of usage and benefit and the fact that you can realize something like that will make you grateful and gratitude is key. Gratitude and compassion are phenomenal. You really want to have both of these.

You want to have gratitude and compassion because they ensure more reasons to be grateful and more justification for mercy when it comes to you. Therefore...

Try to understand that just because you can't comprehend something (and never, ever will) doesn't mean you can't use and benefit from it. If you have read any cutting edge papers on physics then you know that they have pretty much proved the existence of God. They have proven that everything is mind-stuff. I'll go one further and say that we are all frozen sunlight. We are sunlight in extension. Loving the divine, who gives you life, is good because it opens the valves to get more contact and greater blessings. The other possible relationship is resistance. You can be a resistor if that's what you want. You can play any role. You have to ask yourself what you want and whether you want something better for everyone or if you are just out for yourself. This is also key. Are you self interested or are you more expansive? Do you think you are an isolated element that needs to feed itself or do you not know you have the power to feed the world if you will only let the light shine in your heart?

The power that binds you is the power that frees you.

"Lead us not into temptation.”

The devil is the way that the wicked see God. There's only one and if you could contain your fear and reject your confusion when the devil presents itself to you, you would see the corona of the angel hidden behind the frightful appearance. It is ONE thing. It is one thing and the inexpressible simplicity of it is what leads to the endless complexity of terms and explanations. “Be still and know.” It is one thing. We are the fools who become two.

Forget religions. Religions are like lined paper in grammar school. Once you learn how to write capably you don't need lined paper. Forget Jesus this and Mohammed that. If some icon works for you, fine but... truth is the same in every one of these systems. Truth is the body upon which the clothes of religion are draped and when the truth takes off its clothes the world disappears. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just because religion is a business that conceals what it is meant to reveal, in order to expand and profit temporally, does not mean there is not sunlight to be found in the precepts.

I tell you these things because, if we are to create a community, real or virtual; if you are to realize your fullest potential, if you are going to try to achieve success, where so many people have failed then you don't want to leave out key elements and you don't want to make rules and regulations against human freedom. At the same time, freedom is not license. Excessive repression and excessive hedonism lead to their own separate vales of suffering, even if the walls are thin and you can hear them next door.

My point? I'm sure I had one.

Ah yes... in order to get where you want to go you need fuel. Your car needs fuel. Your body needs fuel. Your spirit needs fuel. You need to know where that service station is. In some cases it is a gas station and in some cases it is a kitchen or a restaurant and in some cases it is your heart. There, in the latter lies your kingdom of power and realization and the fuel therein is love. Everyone who gets good at anything gets there because they 'love' doing it. That's all you need to know about God and all I'll ever say about it... however convoluted may be the approach. Love what you do. This brings us to the first thing about how to survive on your way... elsewhere... work on loving and make it your first criteria... like a rusty pump it is going to take some priming but the water will run sweet if you will but try and persist.

Back to those serpents... The serpent is radiant energy. Expressed in the animal kingdom it may be one thing, in the plant kingdom something else. In the human kingdom we can see people eating each other alive just like in the animal kingdom but maybe a little differently. This power feeds on itself. That is why it has its tail in its mouth. It's the snake in the grass and it is the power of divinity over your head. Anything God has ever accomplished here has been through human agency. We are the hands.

So... you have to get right with yourself and the source of the power that holds you living in this moment and surrender is probably the best route and love is probably the best fuel. If you need religion it is there. If you need a direct connection look within; But before we go on to the tools and practices you have to accept that something is in control and it is a good thing, not a bad thing. You need to have some faith and you need to have the teacher write in your report card, “plays well with others.” I want to have some fun and fellowship without all of the personality games and insecurities thereof so... Make peace with yourself and then we'll talk about techniques.

'Junction' by Dave Reed

This book does not lead to Jonestown. This book has no connection to any religion. This book cost little in dinero but much in effort. The book profits no one but you. Take what you need and leave the rest.

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Chapter Three

Stairs in the Sky by Andrey Frolov

I am not working in a sequential and logical way.

I could do this. I could start with the essence of the beginning and gradually expand to embrace principles and practices, eventually ending with a wing sweep into summation but I'm not going to do this. I'm going to be eclectic and unpredictable, just like the real subject of this book; the mysterious and indefinable divine. In our own essence, we are that divine. The eternal portion of us, which self created us, is a ceaseless watcher and contemplator. The outer expression of our being, the personality, is temporary and self advancing. This is good if it is advancing toward 'the true self' and not so good if it is following its own separate agenda.

A separate agenda does not keep the planets in their courses in space and it does not awaken and fill with light the internal planets, or chakras of our cosmos mirroring being. We are unique and individual but the idea of our separation, as a life form apart from the totality of life, is an illusion and the very path of pain and suffering that is walked by all entities that see themselves as a thing apart. One can find a variety of excuses for suffering. Ignorance is certainly one of them. Denial is another. Resentment and all of the separating qualities, that are the antithesis of the qualities of the divine, qualify in this manner but it is attachment that is the big gun and all of these others have their connection to some form of attachment.

One of the biggest obstacles to freedom and realization is thinking you know. The divine did a little number on me some years ago. I have been one of those people who is some kind of an expert on this and that, which means I know very little but enough to sound convincing on occasion. This is not a good thing, if I think I know. It is a wonderful thing if I do not think I know but recognize that my real self does and grants me insights when needed. You must learn to rely on the divine utterly and that may intensify your suffering in the short run, as the divine dismantles the props you have erected to keep your false knowledge and sense of a false self preeminent.

As I was saying, the divine did a little number on me some years ago. I was spending a lot of time with my dear friend, Svargo, euphemistically called, Dr. Svargo on occasion (grin). She is a being of extreme sweetness and light and it may be why she was used for this purpose at the time. This took place over a six week period. It's enough time for me to forget from one incident to another. There were several. On each occasion I was absolutely convinced that I was right about something. These were cases where I had the facts firmly at hand; not the usual sort of thing where we are simply mistaken for some reason. It turned out, as certain as I was that I was actually wrong each time. I still don't know if the divine did not alter the ordinary fabric of life just to demonstrate this to me. It was a breakthrough of some magnitude and it changed my mindset.

Coincidentally, when I met the divine in person on a beach in Big Sur, California, as a young man, the one thing he kept repeating was, “I don't know.” A point came when I began saying it too and I viscerally knew that I did not know. This should have remained with me for all of this life and beyond but the power of false self knowing is extremely great. No one can break free of it without the help of the divine. You can accomplish nothing, not even simple daily tasks, without the help of the divine. This is why, in this age of darkness, the best path that can be taken is the path of Bhakti, or devotion. It places all of the responsibility into the hands of the divine, except for the responsibility to practice devotion and to yearn for the divine, the way you have formerly yearned for everything else but more so. I have heard it said that you must imagine yourself being held down under water and that the desire for the divine should be equal to your desire for oxygen. That is a scary thought and it leaves one thinking they cannot possibly do it. You cannot do it but... the divine can do it through and in you. This is the concept that must be grasped. There are no limits, none at all, to the power of the divine. Acquire right intention; determination, certitude and consistency. These are divine attributes.

The qualities of the divine are like armor.

This is why it is mentioned in The New Testament to “put on the whole armor of God.” The qualities of God are the single package you need to gain possession of the truth and practicing the presence of God, or praying unceasingly, is the way to acquire these qualities. As I said, I am going to be eclectic and unpredictable with this book. I might wind up anywhere and the point of that is that you can get anywhere from anywhere but you cannot get everywhere 'as you are.' You must change. This book will change some of you in the reading of it and it will change me in the writing of it. Everything will not apply to every person so... listen for that ringing, like a far off gong, or a sudden sense of resonance. That portion may well apply to you. Yes, I am going to repeat myself often. This should be a key to the importance of certain things.

It must be said that I am not a guru and that no special importance should be placed on me.

Do not do either yourself or me this disservice. I am a humble employee of the greatest corporation on Earth, not some high mucky muck with all the answers. I am not fond of the guru game, as it applies to people enriching themselves at the expense of the gullible. I am not fond of the new age and those who present themselves as oracles for high fees and whose web sites look like department stores for kitsch. Some amounts of items like books and sundry have their place but service must be the issue and a greater portion than the 10% recommended tithing should be considered. We are not meant to create personal empires of wealth. We are only as rich as what we can freely share, otherwise we are poorer than we know, no matter how rich we may think we are or appear to be.

Never underestimate the power of money. I don't care how free and above it you may think you are. Many advanced souls have learned hard lessons because of this crystallized symbol of energy. Make it a point to always be asking how and where you can share of the largesse extended to you by the divine and that means not only in terms of money. Practice this and more and more will be given to you. Do not practice it and more and more will be taken away. We see these people who charge high prices for lectures and create convoluted courses for spiritual advancement, who profess to be working for God but who are actually working for the bank. This is an important point. Study people carefully before you become deeply deceived by them. When the divine does things in this world he does them 'through' people but... he is not the only one who accomplishes this. This is not a golden age. This is a dark age but... a golden age is coming. See that you are a part of it.


You must verify all that I tell you. I could be wrong. Ask within if you have questions and answers will appear from the intuition, or in a practical life demonstration. I believe I am sincere in my desire to serve you but... I could be misinformed here and there and I could be wrong. Listen for the ring and seek out the internal confirmation that is available. To the degree that you are able to turn your life over to the divine, to that degree the divine will administer your affairs. All of the truly wise are humble as dirt. There is a reason for this. They are your servant and your friend. There are many who are not but who are clever to an advanced degree or simply deluded. The divine is very choosey about whom he speaks through and he comes and goes of his own accord. Be humble but... don't be a doormat.

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